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The sun returns and brings a boost to your solar earnings

Following the seemingly non-stop showers of April , the sun is once more shining and weather experts predict it to continue through June, serving as a good reminder of how beneficial harnessing the sun's rays can be.

For those who have looked into having solar panels installed, or most of the public that have heard about them being such a profitable investment, then now is the time to act before the payments of the Feed-in-Tariff (FiT) are reduced.

You'll have heard systems described as a 3kW system' or a '4kW system', but what does this mean and how does the glorious weather we've enjoyed impact your earnings and savings?

Well a 3kW system (often you'll see it written 3kWp - peak kilowatts), rather unsurprisingly, means that the system will generate a maximum of 3 kilowatts of solar power in direct sunlight. So over a day with an average of 6 hours of direct sunlight the system can maximally produce 18kWh of power each day.