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Solar panel industry warn of rogue salesmen

For years now we've heard the horror stories of the 'double-glazing salesman'; pushy, aggressive, quoting incredibly high before halving the price after a call to his 'manager', refusing to leave the home until someone signs something. Well it seems that some of these sales tactics are threatening to cross into the solar industry.

Fortunately there are many in the industry that disapprove of this approach as much as the homeowners that are unlucky enough to encounter someone giving the 'hard sell'. You can find reputable companies and ultimately read their feedback elswhrer.

There are also ways of safeguarding yourself against any sales patter, and the easiest way is to know what they're talking about and be able to ask questions, which can be done after a quick internet search. You should also be aware of the costs of solar panels before you talk to or meet any companies, only then can you be sure that what they're offering isn't too expensive or too good to be true.

Its equally important not to let a few isolated incidents and a few rogue salesman put you off enquiring about an investment many consider as offering one of the highest returns today and a way of protecting yourself against rising energy costs. As with all large purchases and home improvements, its a matter of building up some prior knowledge before signing on the dotted line.