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Its time to get Smart about monitoring your energy usage

In the Depertment of Energy and Climate Change's report about the public's perception on Smart Meters, what they are and what they can do, it seems that half of the public aren't aware of smart meters at all and fewer that 5% have them installed - Even though most energy companies will install them for free!

Installation of smart meters by energy suppliers has been adopted by the Government as a way of helping consumers have more control over their energy use and spending, while also helping meet environmental objectives.

The Government's dedication to Smart Meters shows their commitment to reducing household energy waste. The smart meters will provide solar owners the chance to make sure they use as much of the electricity that they have generated and for those who have taken the Government's voucher of up to £1250 to install a heat pump, they will be able to monitor the impact that has had on their energy consumption.

To see how owners of solar panels can use monitoring to maximise their returns.