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Energy bills have risen 140% in less than 10 years

According to, the average household annual energy bill is now £1,252, which is an increase of 140% since 2004, and is becoming a real burden for most homes.'s Ann Robinson said:

"This is the cold reality facing households today; in less than 10 years our energy bills have rocketed by 140%. The break-neck speed at which energy prices have sprinted upwards has caught many people unawares. Consumers are still playing catch-up.

"Energy now accounts for a significant slice of household income which is why the numbers rationing their energy use have risen so steeply in recent years. But going cold or without is a short-term and potentially harmful fix and not a long-term solution.

So what other solutions are there? The biggest reduction will come from generating your own energy, either through a heat pump or solar panel installation. You can also focus on reducing energy loss by insulating the loft and walls, upgrading windows or replacing your light bulbs with energy efficient LED bulbs.